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Wugay-Nay forD&D-0

Areas(grey) from North to South: The County of Ekrardo, The County of Baliamma, The County of Tadilda and the Barony of Bafitâi.

Cities(red) from North to South: Qulevi, Nunila, Bafasz, Dodardo and Norevi

Forts(grey): Bafitâi Castle

General Information Edit

Wugay-Nay is located on the west coast of Tiamma, the biggest of the Southern Isles.

The system of government is a merchant republic. After the death of the current ruler elections are held between the mayors of the 4 major cities(Dodardo, Qulevi, Norevi and Bafasz), the counts of the three Counties and the Baron of Bafitâi. The winner becomes the High King of Wugay-Nay. However, this voting system is only for the illusion of choice to prevent uprisings. The Kingdom has been ruled by the Dunardo Dynasty for more than 300 years, due to the incredible wealth of the family and the obvious bribery.

Culture Edit

The Culture in Wugay-Nay is the same as in Kalina, the Tava culture.

Religion Edit

The prevailing religion in Wugay-Nay is the Doosma religion. Their religious head sits in Edyaa in the County of Rafaria in the Kalina Kingdom.

History Edit

701: Independence of Wugay-Nay:

The Citystate of Wugay-Nay gains their Independence and stays a merchant republic under the Rule of Kev Ironhand, who hands Kalina over to his brother Rulukal.

717: A ruler forgotten:

Kev Ironhand steps down as highking of Wugay-Nay and appoints the young Dotin as his successor.

808: A powerful bond:

Following the Independence of Sezamba to the South, Sezamba and Wugay-Nay establish an Alliance, the Western Trade League. They also establish tax-free passing between the Republics. The Head of the Trade League also gains the title of Grand Mayor of Norevi, also being an advisor to the Leader of Wugay-Nay.

810: The more the merrier:

Following the economic success of the Western Trade League, the Citystates Kalolke and Ewanl-Al Al join the League.

Current Titles [Year 1066] Edit

  • High king of Wugay-Nay, Count of Baliamma and Tadilda: Duk of Wugay-Nay of the Dunardo Dynasty
  • Count of Ekrardo: Talukalna of the Anadukal Dynasty
  • Current Grand Mayor of Norevi: Akâam, Mayor of Norevi; Lowborn
  • Baron of Bafitâi: Tafasz of Bafitâi; Lowborn
  • Patriarch of the Doosma: Wasz I.

Past Titles Edit

  • 701 - 717: Kev Ironhand
  • 717 - 725: Dotin the Old
  • 725 - 727: Rardo the Faceless[f]
  • 727 - 741: Bukal of Wugay-Nay
  • 741 - 748: Tafilda the Legless[f]
  • 748 - 762: Etâ of Wugay-Nay
  • 762 - 763: Norava of Wugay-Nay[f]
  • 763 - 771: Sevi of Wugay-Nay[f]
  • 771 - 803: War of Wugay-Nay
  • 803 - 823: Kar the Fowler
  • 823 - 884: Tyi of Wugay-Nay[f]
  • 884 - 897: Ehoosev the Gracious
  • 897 - 937: Dul the Defender
  • 937 - 948: Kev II. the Hunter
  • 948 - 981: Reine of Wugay-Nay[f]
  • 981 - 1004: Weinil of Wugay-Nay
  • 1004 - 1035: Dotin the Flayer
  • 1035 - current: Duk of Wugay-Nay