The Calendar Edit

The Calendar in the world of "Der echte Tisch" is seperated into 10 months, that are all equally long (25 days). The days are seperated into weeks of five, named after the five good Archdragons. After the fifth and the tenth month there are 5 days of Prayer dedicated to the Dragons. The days of rememberance happen after the fifth month, when the sun is at its highest point and celebrate the Dragons of life. The days of Forgiveness happen after the tenth month when winter starts fading away and are used to pray for an early spring.

The months Edit

  • 1st month: Munitus
  • 2nd month: Jorna
  • 3rd month: Vaimanikan
  • 4th month: Akhenaten
  • 5th month: Bahmakan
  • The Five Days of Rememberance
  • The 6th month: Golin
  • The 7th month: Utor
  • The 8th month: Etjorkan
  • The 9th month: Sor
  • The 10th month: Ytuikan
  • The Five Days of Forgiveness

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