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Notin 442

General Information Edit

The Notin state used to be a tribal state in the southern jungle of Tiamma.

History Edit

229: The First War of Conquests:

Kalina goes to War with the Notin Kingdom and gain the Duchy of Detine.

July 440 - February 442: The First War:

The First War between the Titai and the Notin ended in a Titai victory. Notin had to cede the Duchy of Tirardo to Titai.

462 - 464: The Unification of Tribes:

After the Wukal Dynasty had established themselves in Titai in 462, they managed to overtake Notin in 463, promising to unite their people. In 464 the two Brothers Ehafil and Akril merged their Kingdoms, keeping the name of the Titai Kingdom. For further history see Titai.

Past Rulers Edit

  • 366 - 384: Koosil of Notin  [Egodasz]
  • 384 - 387: Rodil of Notin                
  • 387 - 438: Rodil II. of Notin             
  • 438 - 451: Rar of Notin                   
  • 451 - 463: Sil of Notin                   
  • 463 - 464: Ehafil the Effeminate  [Wukal]