Gems Edit

Scattered around the world, left by the Archdragons thousands of years ago, are gems, hidden in the stone of the mountains. These gems are filled with raw magic waiting to be freed by the most skilled craftsmen of the realms. Every gem has a different kind of attribute that their magic applies.

Kinds of Gems Edit

There are 10 kinds of gems:

  • Cold (Tourmaline) vs. Fire (Garnet)
  • Necrotic (Ruby) vs. Radiant (Chrysoberyl)
  • Thunder (Peridots) vs. Lightning (Topaz)
  • Psychic (Amethyst) vs. Force (Sapphire)
  • Acid (Pearls) vs. Poison (Jade)

Rarity of Gems Edit

There are five types of each gem. They vary in rarity as explained in the following table:

  • Minor Gem - These gems are found quite often and only have a tiny amount of magic left in them. They are commonly used as decoration in clothing or weapons.
  • Normal Gem - These gems are often found amidst large quantities of minor gems and still have a useful amount of magic in them. They are used for simple magic like rings of growth.
  • Superior Gem - These gems are rare and are only found deep underground or at places with a high amount of magic. They are used by wizards and sorcerers to enchant various things like staffs.
  • Supreme Gem - Sheltered by extraordinary circumstances from the wither of time, these gems have only lost a small fraction of their initial magic and are as powerful as they are rare. Only a few have ever been found in the history of men and were exploited to fight wars and found empires, like the Nagalan Empire.
  • The Archgems - The Archgems are the gems that used to be entrapped in the horns of the Archdragons. Extremely powerful, but uncontrollable on their own, they provide extreme amounts of magical power to anyone who wields the two gems that are meant to be together. Not one of these gems have been found and if they would, they would create an uncontrollable amount of magic, if used correctly.